Friday, May 13, 2011

Sheffield Gazette and Digital Fish Wrap

The Sheffield Gazette and Digital Fish Wrap is aimed at a wide community audience. You are welcome to contribute as a volunteer enthusiast interested in the Sheffield Community.

While gossip, trivia,unofficial news of neighborhood interests, supposed miracles, witchcraft and the like are appropriate content we ask that volunteers be mindful that our community is also of likely interest to the children of the Oscar Mayer School, T-Baller's at Trebes Park and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

With that said, please choose language appropriate to the broadest sensitivity of the community.

Mark your July calendars this year for the 23rd and 24th which will commemorate the 43rd Annual Sheffield Garden Walk and Festival!

In the weeks to come don't forget to let everyone know how much you've enjoyed this event in the past thanks to the considerable efforts of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association


  1. Given the trade off of font and background colors I've re-posted the above blog description:

    Aimed at a wide neighborhood audience the news collected in the Sheffield Gazette and Digital Fish Wrap is contributed by volunteers which is frequently based on the notoriously inaccurate accounts of anonymous witnesses, gossip, trivia, unofficial news accounts from nongovernment sources, news of recent explorations, commercial advertisements and the more sensational news items of the day-reports of lurid crimes, supposed miracles, witchcraft, and the like.

  2. 32nd Ward Office:

    Scott Waguespack
    Elected 2007

    Former aide to Berwyn Mayor Michael O'Connor

    32nd Ward Office
    2657 N. Clybourn Ave.
    773-248-1330City Hall

  3. Hi, Great neighborhood!! I love Chicago's architecture. I grew up in Evanston, lived in Grayslake until I divorced 32 years ago. Eventually moved away and lived around the country and came to Pittsburgh in 1982. I have been here ever since. My friends and family still live in Chicago.

    Do you know Berry Gross? He is my cousin. He is an attorney and Democrat. I believed he worked in the State's Attorney's office for a while.

    We are pushing a heavy rock uphill with a slope filled with ruts.

    What is your take on your new mayor?

    Keep up your fight!

    Yes, we are engaged in digital fish wrap!!